Inaugural Post

I finally did it! My blog is up and running. I am very excited to share with everyone my genealogy research, personal stories and discoveries, and travels to places connected to my ancestors.

Anyone who has done genealogy knows that it is quite the adventure. You may think you’re settling down for an hour or so, only to find that two or more hours have passed and you found yourself down a rabbit hole looking at your 3rd great-grandfather’s sister’s children because she had three sets of twins (this actually happened and I’ll share her story eventually).

It’s an ancestor adventure!

There are many reasons why I finally decided to write a blog. It has crossed my mind several times in the past, but after the year we just had, I decided now is the time to do it. The main reasons are:

I finally get my research in writing. It may not be complete, or 100% accurate, but someone out there might have more information to help me!

Meet new cousins and new friends. While Googling certain surnames of ancestors, I have come across some blogs about that ancestor and met new relatives.

Jump start my path to being a Board Certified Genealogist (BCG). It’s not going to happen tomorrow, or next year, or the year after that, but I am hoping this will help hone my research, citation and writing skills, and allow other BCGs to provide feedback, critique, and advice.

Have fun. I share all my travels and discoveries on my Facebook, but here I can be more formal and descriptive.

I do not plan to write every week. As I begin to find a routine to writing and chose the topics, I want to do it at my own pace. Once I get comfortable, then I may start posting more frequently.

Thank you for reading my inaugural post and I hope you’ll join me for more! -AA